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What is Art for Kids?
The purpose of Art for Kids is to teach parents and children how to explore art using all their senses. These delightful 10-week courses are designed to stimulate learning through audio, visual, kinetic, culinary and the olfactory senses.
The fun ways we learn and the tools we use

  • audio  
  • hearing music by the greats, traditional songs to sing along to, classical child-friendly music, playing instruments and listening to fairy tales.
  • visual  
  • seeing flashcards with various theme images and their names, artwork by the masters, books, puppets and colors, colors, colors!
  • kinetic  
  • movement through dancing, playing games, jumping, twisting and stretching.
  • tactile  
  • fingerpainting, drawing, coloring, molding forms, stringing beads, face painting, handling forms and objects with different textures.
  • culinary  
  • tasting foods and experiencing new flavors.
  • olfactory  
  • experiencing smells through flowers, fruits and various fragrant objects.

    The various courses offered and ages accepted name