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Body Painting Styles
I use professional theatrical make-up and glitter and have over 23 years experience in face and body painting.
Full Face Painting

This is the traditional style of face painting. It is great for theme parties or a party held at the zoo. For this style, I use water based theatrical make-up that dries in minutes. Each face takes at least 10-15 minutes to complete so it is better for smaller groups looking for something special for their party. It's a great idea for Halloween, or you can make a private appointment to get your make-up done before you go to a party. Private sessions for a painting take approximately one hour.
New York Style

This style was created in NYC in 1980 and I have painted literally thousands of people over the past 23 years. The designs are small, delicate, sophisticated and appropriate for children of all ages. Eye designs are a hit with teenage girls and those daring females among you. Executed with cream-based theatrical make-up, the glitter stays until the design is dry. For hours of fun I would recommend this style. It works well in adult party situations and is great for corporate parties, clubs and promotional events. The theatrical make-up pallette is portable so that walk-around and table-to-table entertaining is possible. Tattoo-style painting is also possible with this pallette.
Tattoo Style

This is my favorite because of its versatility and the fact that designs can last up to 3-4 days. Painted with theatrical grease paint the designs vary depending on your guests wishes. I can paint almost any design on any exposed body part, arms, legs, backs and stomachs. The designs last for a few days, fading away slowly until they are gone. You can always wash them off with soap and water or make-up remover but if you want them to last just bathe without rubbing soap on them. I recommend this style for children of all ages and for those young at heart. Children who want this style have to be old enough to understand that they can't touch the design until it is dry, approximately 20 minutes. I spray all my designs with a make-up fixative.