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It has always been difficult for me to describe what I do, so I have borrowed from others what they see when they view my work. Just recently my body art was described in the following way after I explained that I didn't believe in permanance, to me everything is always in flux:

"Your art is so cool - it must be so organic to body paint. I mean, art is organic - but to be painting on a living being as a canvas, alive, must be remarkable. You paint, but on a moving "canvas" - a live canvas - and even though still, it's not a canvas at all. And then your art/painting changes.

That must mean you see your art as having Life. And that to be art, it has to be Alive. Maybe the permanence you believe in is that we are Alive, and that art should be too? Maybe you see that using other substrates (canvas, paper, sculpture) for your art media isn't permanence, but absence of something important to it."


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