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As an artist with native American ancestry, I feel that this heritage influences my work, both artistically and spiritually. Working with stones and beads on an intuitive level I am amazed by the powers they possess and just let my fingers move where they are guided.
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Taught the basics of beading over 20 years ago by a Renaissance friend, I immediately saw the endless possibilities of playing with beads to create new styles. Many of my friends who taught me the traditional ways asked if they could imitate my new styles. Over time, our designs gained in popularity and designers visiting the Renaissance fair recognized their commercial value. Shortly thereafter "shoulder dusters" hit the market. Each piece of custom-made jewelry is a one of a kind created with my customer in mind.
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My first pieces were created for various performers and singers in Manhattan, New York and that tradition has continued in Europe. DoDo Hug, the Swiss singer, is a regular customer who orders new pieces for herself and for friends. Some pieces already created do exist, but custom-made orders are my speciality.

If you are interested in ordering please contact me at to make an appointment.