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Promotional Art
Bodypainting can be used in many ways to promote a variety of products and events. I have worked painting models from head to toe with an airbrush for department stores to promote theme ideas.
  • Manor had me paint Roberta as a tiger to promote ADVENTURLAND, a section of the store filled with jungle print products.
  • Jelmoli hired me to paint fashion models for a runway fashion show in the Mascotte Club to promote a new line of underwear.
  • One village had me paint two models to celebrate a wine festival they were having. I painted with black light make-up and the whole village loved it! We had such a nice time I started painting the children with the airbrush after the models were done!
  • The local government in St.Gallen hired me to paint Roberta as a mermaid to promote water conservation. I also painted the background and made the treasure chest and fantasy island hat!
  • Pneu Matte hired me to paint Roberta as a wild leopard to celebrate the fact they had been in business for 50 years. It was a real celebration!
  • Cyndy was painted as a tiger to help promote a show about sexuality that was aired on the radio from Gossau ZH.

Small delicate paintings done with a paintbrush also work to promote products because of the customer participation. They get a free gift body painting that can last a few days. Every time they or their child looks at their painting they think about the store.
  • Bloomingdales and Macy's in New York City want me whenever I am there. They love the fact that I use professional make-up that is hypo-allergenic.
  • The Body Shop had me train their employees to paint animal face designs so that they could have their people painting at all the movie theaters when The Lion King opened.
  • C&A had me paint small tattoo designs on their customers during the Street Parade to bring in business.
  • Dance clubs are where my style of bodypainting was born. In the 1980s, I worked in NYC at Studio 54, The Roxy, The Underground and many more. In Switzerland, I've worked at Kaufleuten, X-tra Club, Dracula and various other dance clubs.

Bodypainting is a great "ice-breaker" and creates a comfortable atmosphere for people to start talking.